Rihanna And Drake Dating? Boyfriend Rapper Talks ‘Marriage’ In ‘Views From The 6’

Rihanna and Drake are supposedly in an on-again and off-again dating relationship, but although they were inseparable earlier in 2014, it’s claimed the singer pulled the plug on their connection. But now Drake’s new rap song “Vews from the 6” was leaked and it has some very interesting lyrics.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s claimed that Rihanna is infatuated with Eminem and would love to hook up with the rapper.

With Rihanna’s boyfriend status up in the air, there has been a lot of speculation all over the internet. Rihanna and Drake were supposedly spotted together, and other reports even say they are “banging” again. Other rumors claim the opposite, saying Drake called Rihanna the “devil” at one point. At a recent OVO concert in Toronto, a “satanic” image of Rihanna was displayed along with the numbers 666. If they are still together, it sounds like their love life has hit a rough spot in the road.

If you go by the lyrics in “Views from the 6,” it would appear that Rihanna and Drake were acting like they were married not too long ago.

“You must remember wakin’ up in Paris with the blunt
You must remember f**kin’ me like anytime you want
What made us wanna act like we were married for two weeks?
Now we back in California, we don’t even speak
That’s a no-no.”

So if they were dating, it appears they have since broken up already. To make things even more confusing, when Drake tweeted about the rap song earlier in the
month, he called Rihanna a “great girl.”

Based upon that tweet, it sounds like they’ll still be friends even if dating does not work out.

What do you think about Rihanna and Drake as a couple?