Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Reed Treading On Thin Ice, ‘Moving Too Fast’

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are going down a disastrous road, and the Twilight Saga star risks a repeat of her previous romance if she doesn’t reel her feelings in – quick, fast and in a hurry.

It’s only been a few months since Nikki and Ian began dating, and by all accounts, their relationship is hot and steamy.

During Somerhalder and Reed’s short courtship, they decided to take things to another level by sharing the same address. In love and marriage-speak, they are cohabiting. Oh, for crying out loud, they are shacking up!

At a glance, the news they are sharing the same address is no cause to break out the streamers, do the Pee-wee Herman and charter Jay Z’s 40/40 Club – unless your name is Nikki Reed, that is.

An unnamed source close to the affairs of Nikki and Ian see a déjà vu all over again. Their pal is risking another Heartbreak Hotel and is moving too fast for her own good, according to an OK! Magazine report.

Nikki’s crazy impulsive. Once she falls in love, she can’t think straight.”

As Us wrote, after only three weeks of dating, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed moved in together. Georgia is a perfect setting because Ian is gearing up for season 6 of The Vampire Diaries. And although Nikki is on the set “daily,” she is not insecure merely because Ian’s ex, Nina Dobrev, is in his space. Well, this just in: that’s one helluva reason to be tip-toeing around the tulips.

To the insider’s point, and with all good intentions in mind, one only has to look back on Nikki Reed’s previous romance with her husband, singer-songwriter Paul McDonald. Remember him from season 10 of Idol?

Moving right along.

That was March of 2011. Shortly thereafter, Nikki and Paul began dating, and before the paint could dry on the wall, they announced they were engaged to be married, some three months later.

Four months down the road, Reed and McDonald exchanged vows in Malibu, but less than three years later, the couple announced their split and housing situation: they were living apart for months due to their “work schedules.”

By May of 2014, the couple was divorced. So, unless she’s learned some vital lessons from her first heartbreak, Nikki Reed may very well be setting herself up for an epic repeat, this time with Ian Somerhalder.

As a matter of opinion, similar to her previous relationship, she is moving fast with the shacking up thing. Moreover, the reason she offered behind her marital split – work obligations – appears to be something to avoid in her new life with Ian Somerhalder.

Putting it simply, Nikki Reed is walking to the beat of her own drum, and whatever direction her relationship goes with her new beau is for her to manage.

Besides, lightning can’t strike in the same place twice, right? Well, can it? Oh, pickles, Nikki and Ian, slow things down just a tad.

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