Centerplate CEO Des Hague Disciplined in Ongoing Dog Abuse Fallout

Centerplate CEO Des Hague, who was caught on camera abusing a dog in a Vancouver, Canada, elevator, has been disciplined by his company’s board as the fallout from his actions grows. According to Vancouver’s News1130, Hague has been placed on indefinite probation by the concessions supplier he has helmed since 2009.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hague was captured on surveillance video as he kicked and leash-dragged a puppy Doberman Pinscher in a Vancouver hotel elevator. At one point, the footage showed him lifting the small dog up by the leash, choking it as it dangled in the air.

When the video came to light, he initially claimed he wasn’t the dog’s owner. Hague later admitted that the puppy, named Sade, was in fact his, and also took responsibility for perpetrating the act. The CEO has since expressed his shame regarding the incident. So far, he has not been charged with a crime by Vancouver authorities.

In order to keep his job, according to Sports Illustrated, the multimillionaire Hague must donate $100,000 of his own money to a Centerplate-created foundation named in honor of Sade, as well as perform 1,000 hours of community service with an organization dedicated to animal welfare. There are also reports that he may attend anger management counseling. Centerplate, in the meantime, has issued a statement saying that it does not condone animal abuse, and will contribute a portion of its sales to its newly-formed foundation.

Hague’s problems could be just beginning, however, and Centerplate could also suffer the consequences despite their efforts to appease public backlash. In addition to the usual social media outrage, there is a rising tide of anger from animal rights activists calling for Hague’s firing. To add fuel to the flames, Erica Perry, a Vancouver resident, has created a petition on to drum up support for her demands that Centerplate give Hague his walking papers. As of August 30th, the petition had nearly 120,000 signatures.

“Des Hague issued a statement through his lawyer. But it doesn’t sound like there’s a whole lot of remorse,” wrote Perry on her petition page.

As for Centerplate, which supplies concessions to sports stadiums around North America, the company could face boycotting of its products if it doesn’t fire their embattled CEO.

As for Sade, she’s currently in the safe keeping of the British Columbia SPCA. The society claims the puppy’s behavior is indicative of a history of abuse.

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