Calum Hood: Naked Video Of 5 Seconds Of Summer Singer Leaks, He Jokes About It

Calum Hood just had a nude Snapchat video hit the internet, but the 18-year-old bassist and singer from the band 5 Seconds of Summer is taking it in stride.

The nude Snapchat was released on Thursday and set Twitter afire. But when the controversy reached Hood himself, he had a pretty carefree attitude about it all.

Calum Hood’s bandmates couldn’t help cracking jokes at the situation as well. Michael Clifford tweeted that he also found nude pictures of Luke Hemmings (warning, the link is somewhat not safe for work).

The Calum Hood nude video didn’t actually show the bassist’s face, though he appears to have wasted any opportunity to deny it was him by taking responsibility.

Of course, getting naked is nothing unusual for 5 Seconds of Summer, Yahoo noted:

Although the undeniable breach of Calum’s privacy and trust is inexcusable, 5 Seconds Of Summer do have a bit of a habit of getting naked, like, all the time.

They even celebrated getting their first US number one by stripping off and sharing the evidence with the world – just not in *quite* as much detail as they share with their Snapchat friends.

The Australian band has been getting quite a bit of exposure lately, joining One Direction for the Australian leg of their recent tour. The band has been getting steady air play across the MTV family of channels, at least those still playing music.

The band also scored a huge hit with “She Looks So Perfect,” a song that was also picked up by American Apparel for an underwear campaign.

The band’s fans have also expressed support for Calum Hood after the nude Snapchat leaked. Many of them expressed anger at whoever leaked the short video, and later the term #WeLoveYouCalum was trending on Twitter.