‘Duck Dynasty’ Fake? Phil Robertson Is ‘Exactly What You See On TV,’ Says James Welborn

Some may call Duck Dynasty fake, but James Welborn says that Phil Robertson appears and behaves exactly as we all see on TV even when the camera crew is not following them around. But who is Welborn you may ask?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, based upon the rumors it seems like the Duck Dynasty Season 7 premier will have Phil Robertson feeling like he is “trapped in Yuppieville.” The recent ratings drop had Willie Robertson discussing their Duck Commander plans and how some people keep claiming we will see Duck Dynasty cancelled by A&E by the end of 2015.

Those who call Duck Dynasty fake usually are referring to how Phil’s sons noticeably looked like yuppies themselves if you check out their before and after photos. The first several seasons also was more natural since it focused on the Duck Commander business and the relationships between the family members. But as the reality TV show wore on the producers began inventing things for the Robertson family to do, which led to a noticeable scripted feel to the show in more recent seasons. A&E has responded to this criticism somewhat by airing the episodes called “Before the Dynasty.”

According to The Joplin Globe, a young man named James Welborn recently had the dream of taking a solo canoe trip down the Mississippi River and along the way he had hopes of meeting Phil Robertson in person while in the West Monroe area. He attended Phil’s Bible study on a Sunday morning at the advice of the secretary of the church and he wrote a personal note to the Duck Commander patriarch.

While James was only expecting to shake Phil’s hand, and perhaps say a few words, instead Phil read his note to the whole congregation.

“Dear Phil, I am canoeing the entire Mississippi River. I started May 25, 2014, at Lake Itasca, Minnesota. I graduated high school nine days before that. Along the way, I have been trying to get in touch with you. I know you are extremely busy, but if you are willing, I was wondering if I could take you out to lunch after church.”

Phil did not simply take James to lunch, he instead took the young man in his own truck and went to the Robertson household. “After all, you’re looking a little wiry,” Phil remarked. Once there, James spent time talking with Phil and Kay.

“They are exactly what you see on TV,” Welborn said. “All the mannerisms, how he speaks, what’s he’s about — he’s exactly the same. It was awesome.”

Welborn also asked Phil about how to be more effective in spreading the Christian gospel.

“He then told me to grab his Bible and open it,” Welborn said. “He told me to turn to different scriptures, and then we rolled into a sermon.”

James Welborn expects to finish the 2,320-mile canoe journey down the Mississippi River by September 7. When Phil Robertson said goodbye and good luck, his parting line was classic Phil: “Keep your canoe afloat and watch out for the gators.”

[Image via James Welborn]