Do You Know How To Eat Sushi Correctly? This Video Will Show You How

Sushi has become one of the most popular dishes to be enjoyed in the United States since it was first introduced as a mainstream meal back in the last decade. Originally a culinary delight in Japan, Americans have enjoyed the raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed in both its traditional Japanese form as well as new American versions, such as the California roll. Here on The Inquisitr, we even wrote reports in which sushi was central in the story. This includes Gordon Ramsey’s awkward attempt in making sushi and how it is a high honor to feed the culinary delight to your cat. Nevertheless, sushi does have many health benefits and risks.

But as Americans, do we really know how to eat sushi correctly? I mean we probably adopted our own styles but do we know the proper way of eating the culinary dish from Japan? Fortunately for us who are ignorant on the matter, there is a viral video that teaches us how to eat sushi correctly.

Uploaded on the Youtube Channel Munchies on August 25, 2014, the video has over a quarter of a million views with over 7,000 likes while a little over 100 people don’t have the sophisticated palette for such a unique dish. As of the publication of this article, this video is one of the Most Popular Videos on Youtube.

The video is hosted by Naomichi Yasuda, chef of the Yasuda Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The first thing he teaches are the basics of sushi which breaks a lot of perceived American notions. For example, the rice is more important than the fish. Another example is that ginger should be eaten by itself after eating sushi as a cleanser for one’s palette.

After basics are taught, Naomichi Yasuda dives into how to eat certain pieces of sushi. The basic pieces of sushi with the seaweed wrapping on the outside could be picked up with fingers. Because of its design, it is kind of like the “popper appetizers” of the sushi world. For fish pieces like tuna sashimi (tuna piece on a small block of rice), the fish side gets a dab of soy sauce, not the rice. Reason why is because the rice side falls apart in soy sauce (which makes perfect sense).

What do you think about the video teaching the proper way of eating sushi? Does it make sense to eat sushi the way the video teaches or do you not care whatsoever? Please let us know in the comments below.