Boynton, Florida Police Officer: ‘I’ll Put A Round In Your A** So Quick’

Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz is defending the actions of his officers, one of whom was captured on video aiming his weapon at a man during a traffic stop, saying “I’ll put a round in your a** so quick.”

The video, which is laced with profanity, was uploaded to YouTube by user TRAGEDYDAHOTBOY under the title, “1 of my encounters with Boynton beach pd…,” The Daily Mail reports. The brief and shaky video dates from February 2013, when Boynton Beach, Florida police stopped the car, purportedly because it entered a two-mile perimeter surrounding a home invasion.

The confrontation between police and the occupants is contentious. The driver asks the police officer why he needs to show his ID, to which the Sargent responds “You’re driving the car – that’s why I need your ID,” before adding “I need everybody’s ID.” The police officer orders the man sitting in the back to “Turn that phone off right now,” to which the passenger replies “No, I have rights. I’m not intimidated, I have rights, sir. I’m recording your ass…b****, you’re on camera.”

After asking the officer’s name and badge number, one of the men in the car tries to take a photo of the policeman’s name tag. The situation quickly escalates as the cop slaps the phone out of his hand and drags him from the car. A moment later, another police officer rushes toward the vehicle with weapon drawn. Pushing inside the car, he can be heard saying “I’ll put a round in your a** so quick.”

Katz defended the actions of the police, saying “When I watch this video, I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police.” According to Gawker, Katz asserted that the police acted because “the driver reached out of his window with a black object in his hand.” The men were not charged with a crime, and never filed a report about the behavior of the police officers involved.

This isn’t the first time that the Boynton Beach Police Department has found itself under the microscope for officer conduct. As The Inquisitr previously reported, an officer was caught on tape kicking a handcuffed 13-year-old to the ground last May, sparking outrage in the community.

Video of the confrontation with Boynton Beach, Florida, Police is embedded below, though once again we must warn, it is laced with profanity.

[Image via The Daily Mail]