Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi Divorce Back On: Talk Show Host To Get Plastic Surgery For New Girlfriend

It looks as though Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi’s marriage has once again hit a rough patch, after reports emerged that the talk show host has decided to bring their relationship to an end.

Over the last few months there have been incessant rumors that De Generes and her wife of six years had been struggling because of both Ellen’s cheating and Portia’s alleged drinking problem. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry the Arrested Development actress’ insecurities over Ellen’s hugely successful career forced her to turn to the bottle for solace, while other sources have since revealed that she sought out treatment because of her cheating.

While the real reason why de Rossi had a stint in rehab will probably never be known, all insiders agree that her marriage to DeGeneres has practically run its course by this point.

In the last few weeks speculation over their divorce has cooled. But now numerous reports declaring that they are on the precipice of splitting up have re-emerged, which has led insiders to suggest that they will end their marriage sooner rather than later.

Life & Style Magazine have even gone as far as to claim that Ellen is already making plans for her re-entry back into single life too. DeGeneres is already telling her friends that she wants to get plastic surgery, which she intends to use to get rid of the crow’s feet from around her eyes.

However it wasn’t actually Ellen’s plan to get the plastic surgery. Instead the scheme was hatched by her mother, and Betty DeGeneres is even thought to have told her daughter that she should have surgery after noticing how old she had started to look on her HD television.

Earlier this month de Rossi tried to quell concerns over their marriage by posting a very sweet message on their anniversary that had many people reconsidering their estimations for their relationship. The actress decided to have a message written across the sky to celebrate the couple’s six-year companionship, which simply declared “six,” and in response DeGeneres decided to then share a photo with her wife that had the writing in the sky in the background too.

Despite the constant speculation, whenever DeGeneres has spoken about her life with de Rossi over the last few months she has insisted that they’ve never been happier. While on the Jimmy Kimmel show she said that the pair had laughed off speculation, while she even told People magazine that she’s more in love with the actress than ever before.

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