Netflix Is Getting Rid Of Some Movie Titles This Weekend

Netflix is having one of those out with the old and in with the new moments this weekend. The streaming and DVD service which allows customers to stream unlimited amount of movies and television for a small fee, is purging a few titles just in time for Labor Day weekend.

According to Gawker here’s just a few titles that Netflix is planning on getting rid of after the holiday weekend ends.

About Last Night…
Can’t Hardy Wait
Midnight Express
Dirty Dancing
Harriet The Spy
The Fisher King
Panic Room
The People Under the Stairs
Double Jeopardy
Never Back Down

But there’s more! These films are also getting the boot once the weekend is up.

Stir Crazy
Candyman 2:Farewell to the Flesh
The Apartment
The Seven Year Itch
Wicker Park
Thieves Like Us
Fool for Love
The Long Goodbye
Failure to Launch
Something’s Gotta Give
Sesame Street
..and more.

That’s not all. The next string of purges happens on September 14, September 16, and September 19. For anyone who loves Dawson’s Creek, Netflix plans to take the complete series off on September 19.

While we’re not sure how Netflix determines which movies and shows to pull off of stream, we do know why they purge the streaming system, and that’s in order to make room for new shows and films.

Another reason has to do with the contracts that Netflix makes with individual studios. For instance, Netflix has to pay the studio or provider for permission to stream specific content for x amount of time. If Netflix decides that the contract isn’t worth being renegotiated, then that particular movie or television show is expired.

That said, when Netflix launched its streaming service, people were extremely leery about it catching on or being worth it, but as we’ve seen, Netflix has led the way for other providers to hop on board. Since Netflix has launched its streaming service, companies like Amazon and Hulu have offered similar subscription deals to customers.

Additionally, Netflix has also introduced original content which has been an eye-opener to how successful a streaming company can be in the market, even if they’re the new kid on the block. So far Netflix’s original series’ such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have gone on to earn Emmy nominations and critical praise.

The latest show to earn positive reception is the cartoon Bojack which just started streaming a couple of days ago. So while you may be out of some of your favorite movies in a few days, there’s still plenty to catch up with.

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