WWE News: WWE Finally Wants To Sign UFC Star Ronda Rousey, But Will UFC Allow It?

WWE has always stated since the UFC first started to rise in popularity that the UFC was not competition to WWE. The company claims that WWE is a form of entertainment while UFC is MMA, a sport. Many fans still think they are competition, and even UFC thinks this in some ways. That is why for the longest time WWE and UFC could not come to any agreements or partnerships.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and UFC President Dana White have met on many occasions and have spoken by phone as well. In fact, White has mentioned that Vince wanted to fight him at WrestleMania one year. The two have never really been considered friends but have a mutual respect for one another. UFC, like WWE, is very good at marketing their talent. Due to this, many fighters have become household names over the last number of years.

Really, no one has risen to popularity as fast as UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. Many fans knew about Ronda and her dominance in UFC. However, WWE didn’t have much of an idea who she was. I guess they have lived under a rock for the last year or two. However, due to her potentially unlimited fame for roles on Expendables 3 as well as other Hollywood projects such as Fast and Furious 7, WWE has started to take notice.

She and her MMA group the Four Horsewomen along with Jon Jones all attended the SummerSlam event in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and were even featured on camera. Backstage the ladies caught up with Stephanie McMahon and it seemed that is where things got interesting for Rousey.

4 Horsewomen

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer claimed:

From what I was told as far as WWE went, there were people in WWE who had talked about a Four Horsewomen thing at SummerSlam, but the ideas fell on deaf ears because the key people in WWE now know nothing about UFC, even though several of the wrestlers are huge fans and Natalya has trained with them. But now everyone knows them, and Stephanie, in particular…was talking them up and the feeling isRousey will get an offer to do something.

The rumor was that the ladies or Rousey would be part of an angle of sorts at SummerSlam but it never occurred, so we now know the reasoning. Now that WWE knows of Rousey and realizes all she can bring, it appears as if WWE might want get her in the company to do something.

Rousey uses the name Rowdy Ronda Rousey after Roddy Piper and the female group she is in obviously is tribute to the famed Four Horsemen faction. So it seemed obvious she was a fan of the product. Ronda has wanted to work with WWE in the past, stating such in interviews. The issue comes down to her UFC contract.

WWE would like to get her in the company by WrestleMania 31 to do something at the event, but her UFC deal is an issue. UFC may not allow her to do anything physical at the event or even attend at all.

UFC Women's Champion Ronda Rousey

While Rousey has literally cleaned out her division and has yet to be beaten in the UFC, the company still has a potential superfight with her and Gina Carano that could occur. UFC has not signed Carano yet but seem to be confident they will get her in for at least one fight with Rousey. If they do, the fight may not happen until next year. WrestleMania usually occurs in late March or early April. Due to this, UFC would never allow her to be at a WWE event in a physical way with a major fight coming up.

If the fight took place in January or February, then WWE may get Rousey for Mania. If not, they may have to hold off. This only helps them however, as her Hollywood projects will allow her to have more fame. So WWE could get her at the height of her popularity.

There is no real information out regarding Rousey’s UFC contract. So it would be doubtful she could just walk into WWE and sign a deal even if WWE offered her the bank. UFC still has to sign off on everything, and Dana White is not likely to do so. She still could make an appearance….but she won’t get physical. So really, if she can’t get in the ring then WWE has no real use of having her there. At lest we know WWE is interested in her, so when her UFC career is over, WWE will be there.

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