Bruce Jenner Sex Change: Reality Star Reportedly Gets Breast Implants As Part Of Transition

Bruce Jenner is fueling more sex change rumors after the reality star was seen sporting what appeared to be breast implants.

The reality television star and step-dad to the Kardashian girls was seen getting into a car wearing a loose-fitting pink shirt that appeared to cover up new, larger breasts. Though Jenner hasn’t exactly been in Olympic medalist shape in his older age, the considerable size and softness of his new chest led many to believe that he had actually gotten breast implants.

There have been other rumors pointing to a sex change for Bruce Jenner. According to OK! Magazine, Bruce has a new obsession with the women’s undergarment Spanx.

“He started wearing them under his suits on the red carpet, and he loved the results so much that now he wears them all the time,” a source said.

Sources said that Bruce Jenner got angry when his wife, Kris Jenner, told his girls Kendall and Kylie about the Spanx obsessions.

“The girls haven’t stopped laughing, and Bruce was furious that Kris revealed something so private, especially with all the 
cross-dressing rumors,” the source added. “He insists the Spanx are just to hide his belly — not an excuse to wear women’s underwear.”

Other reports indicate that Bruce has grown out his hair, gets his nails done regularly, and even went under the knife to make his face and neck look more feminine.

Some blame Kris Jenner for Bruce’s eccentric behavior. There were rumors of problems between the couple for years before they announced a split last year, and sources say the tension still exists. Just a few weeks ago Kris reportedly caught Bruce getting his hair done at their home, making for an awkward encounter.

“Many find it strange that Bruce is willing to film his hair being dyed,” a source said. “The former Olympian was seen by Kris as he was all covered up with foil. Kris immediately walked away hinting that it was very awkward to see her ex-husband doing beauty treatments in their home.”

The pictures that sparked the Bruce Jenner breast implant rumors can be seen here.