Nikki Ferrell and Andi Dorfman Continue To Be Best Friends Despite Juan Pablo

Nikki Ferrell has been keeping a low profile since she wrapped the previous season of The Bachelor. Juan Pablo Galavis chose her as the final woman, but she didn’t get a ring or a confession of his true feelings. But Ferrell didn’t seem to mind. Even though things were not as expected, she seemed really happy.

Even though Andi Dorfman’s exit from the show was dramatic and controversial, Nikki and Andi actually became close friends during filming. Dorfman was upset that Juan Pablo didn’t inquire about her hobby and interests, but she had no problem that her friend, Ferrell, decided to pursue a future with him.

According to a new tweet, Nikki Ferrell may have slammed the ABC show several times, but one can imagine that she followed her best friend’s journey while filming The Bachelorette. Many fans questioned whether these two girls can remain friends, but this morning, Dorfman declared that Ferrell was still her best friend.

“I love you more than I love red wine,” Andi shared on Twitter, showing a picture of the two girls laughing and having fun.

Nikki Ferrell didn’t reply to the tweet, but based on her social media updates, she is currently on vacation with Juan Pablo. She may be nowhere near an internet connection.

While Juan Pablo blames his offensive statements on his language barrier as English is his second language, Nikki Ferrell hasn’t said much as to why she chose to stick with him. Instead, Ferrell went on the offensive and slammed ABC, The Bachelor, and the producers of the show because she felt they tried to create drama for the cameras. She even slammed Bachelors in Paradise, which is a spin-off with some of the women who filmed with her.


Ferrell and Andi do live far apart, but they do sometimes keep in contact on social media. Many have wondered what kind of friendship they would have, considering they both dated the same man. Plus, Nikki Ferrell may be eager to share her fun memories with her friends, but Josh Murray’s future wife may not be interested in hearing about Juan Pablo all the time.

According to The Inquisitr, Dorfman and Murray could be thinking about moving forward from the Bachelor franchise. They recently signed up with a marketing company that could represent them in various business deals. Ferrell has not expressed interest in continuing her work in the spotlight.

What do you think of Nikki Ferrell maintaining her friendship with Dorfman?

[Image via Ryan Seacrest and Life & Style]