ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Gone Wrong? Girl Pours Boiling Water On Brother

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has made you laugh, and if you’ve watched some of the more sentimental videos, it has probably made you cry. The whole purpose in this viral trend was to make people aware of ALS, which is a debilitating disease that takes over the patient’s life until the day they die, which is usually just a couple of years after their initial diagnosis.

Many people have tried to make their challenge videos stand out from the rest, and everyone seemed to be having a great time participating, raising money, and nominating their friends. However, some people haven taken the challenge way too far. According to In Touch Weekly, a video of a girl dumping boiling water on her brother has surfaced, and it’s hard to even watch. While the stunt is referred to as a “joke,” the burns left on the man were no laughing matter.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge isn’t meant to hurt anyone. For someone to think that dumping a pot of boiling water on another human being is “okay” because it’s for a great cause, well, it’s really never okay. As many people have already pointed out, the girl was old enough to know better. Whoever was filming the whole incident was probably old enough to know better. The young man who fell over in sheer pain ended up with bad burns all over his back. Now, people are calling for the girl behind the “hot water challenge” to be arrested.

According to Mail Online, the girl knew exactly what she was doing. Many believe that she was trying to get famous, to make a name for herself, by doing something very dangerous. There are plenty of not-so-nice names that she is being called now.

If you would like to see a touching, heartfelt ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you should check out this video posted by Anthony Carbajal. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the 26-year-old was recently diagnosed with ALS and has been caring for his mother who also suffers from the disease. The video is completely heartbreaking and worth every second of the watch.


“I promise, your news feed will go back to cat videos and ‘Let It Go’ covers, but right now, the ALS community has the main spotlight. And for once in my entire life, I’ve seen it at the forefront.”

Have you completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

[Photo is video screen capture]