Tim Tebow NFL Comeback: Quarterback May Have Best Chance Yet To Return To The League

Tim Tebow has been dreaming about an NFL comeback ever since being cut from the New England Patriots before the start of the 2013 season, and now with a handful of quarterback vacancies it seems he may have his best chance yet.

Tebow failed to latch onto a team after being cut by the Patriots just before last season started. Despite staying in playing shape and waiting by the phone, Tebow never got a call even as other teams lost starting quarterbacks due to injury. Instead he saw 40-something Jon Kitna called into action by the Dallas Cowboys and a group of other re-treads including Matt Flynn shuffle around the league.

But this season Tim Tebow may have his best chance for an NFL return. In St. Louis, the season (and possibly career) ending injury to Sam Bradford has left an opening.

The team actually looked at Tebow last year after Bradford’s injury in October but decided against it. Many believe that Tebow could now step in, at least to serve in a backup or specialty role.


The Rams are not the only team that could use Tebow’s services. The Buffalo Bills are having trouble finding a capable backup to starter E.J. Manuel, and just cut last year’s No. 2 Thad Lewis. Many pundits believed the Bills should have looked into signing Tebow last year, though the team ultimately decided against it.

But Buffalo could be a good fit for Tebow. The team has a strong receiving corps led by rookie Sammy Watkins, which could take off some of the pressure on the quarterback, and his hard-running style would mesh well with the last season’s No. 2 ranked rushing attack.

The Bills have already signed veteran Jordan Palmer from the Chicago Bears, but he is viewed more as a mentor to Manuel and a bit of a spy for the Bills’ Week 1 opponent, the Bears.

If the NFL comeback doesn’t happen, Tim Tebow still has plenty of football in his future. He is starting this fall as an analyst with the SEC Network, and the college football season is about to start.