Sheryl Crow To Write Lyrics And Music For Broadway Show ‘Diner’

Singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow has been tapped to write music and lyrics for the upcoming Broadway musical Diner an adaptation of the 1982 film of the same name.

The shows book will be written by Barry Levinson who wrote and directed the movie which followed a group of friends in 1959 Baltimore.

According to the New York Times it was Levinson who approached Crow about the project.

Crow told the times:

“I was already a huge fan of ‘Diner’ when Barry first approached me about writing a score for a theatrical retelling of his film,” while she added, “I knew exactly who these men and women were and I feverishly began writing.”

Crow has never collaborated on a Broadway musical however she has worked on various soundtracks, providing music for Bee Movie, Cars and Point Break.

Diner received an Oscar nomination when it debuted and the movie is considered a major launching point in Levinson’s career, after which he went on to direct such hits as Good Morning Vietnam and Rain Man.

The original movies actors included Kevin Bacon, Mickey Rourke, Paul Reiser and Ellen Barkin.

The Diner will begin with out-of-town previews next summer and Tony Award-winner Kathleen Marshall has been tapped to take care of directing and choreography.

Are you willing to give Diner a listen when it’s ready for the masses? It will be interesting to see what Sheryl Crow can do with the great white way stage.