Soldier Tells Dad On YouTube That He's Gay, Dad Could Care Less [Viral Video]

Now that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is history one soldier has decided to come out to his dad and he has done it in a big way, videotaping a phone call to his dad and then broadcasting the results on YouTube.

The unidentified soldier who goes by the YouTube video handle AreYouSurprised made the call while stationed in Germany and in the video he says to his dad:

"Can I tell you something," and when his dad says "Yeah," the soldier responds, "Will you love me serious?" when his father says "Yes," he responds "Dad, I'm gay."
His dad's final answer:
"I still love you, son. Yes, I still love you."
Oh my goodness a soldier just proclaimed to his dad and the rest of the world that he's gay and he managed to do it without grabbing another soldiers crotch or while blowing kisses at his superiors. In case you didn't catch my tone that was sarcasm.

I paraphrased the conversation above but you can hear the entire conversation in the video below:

Good for him, hopefully more soldiers will no longer feel like outcasts because of their sexual orientation, although I have a suspicion that it will still be a long while before gay soldiers are not ostracized by their fellow enlistees.

What do you think about the soldiers very public proclamation.