Tamra Barney Confirms She’s Not Leaving ‘RHOC’: Heather Dubrow Is Still In Limbo

Tamra Barney is not leaving The Real Housewives Of Orange Country, despite what you may have heard. The reality star was recently asked if she was done with the show, to which she replied, “not a chance.” According to Reality Tea, the past season of RHOC has been drama-filled and rumors that Tamra wasn’t going to return to Bravo have been circulating for weeks, but Tamra is a favorite on the show and she knows it!

“I have been told I’m the highest rated on our show. Just keeping it real baby!” she said on Part 1 of the show’s reunion which aired on Bravo on Monday night.

But Tamra Barney isn’t the only Housewife on the rumored chopping block. Heather Dubrow might be done with the reality show drama. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dubrow has said herself that she is unsure about the future — and it sounds like she isn’t completely sold on the idea of another season. The RHOC star recently took to her blog to share some thoughts. Many believe this was Heather’s way of making peace with the idea that she may not return to the show.

“I don’t know what my future is with ‘Housewives’ show but I am very grateful for all of the opportunities it’s presented to me and my family.”

Tamra Barney’s decision to stay on the show isn’t without criticism, of course. There are people that think Barney should reconsider being a part of the show because there are other aspects of her life that are up in the air.

According to Bustle, Tamra’s marriage and “real life” should come first — and if there are any problems that she needs to take care of, she should do it without television cameras in her face.


“There’s no level Tamra won’t stoop to to keep her job, but as a wife and mom, let’s hope she has some scruples and chooses to preserve her marriage, business, and relationship with her children over another season of ‘Real Housewives of Orange County.'”

Of course, being a part of a reality television show sometimes forces real issues to the back of the stove, but Tamra seems to juggle things just fine. A TV show might be a great source of income, but is it worth it for Tamra to let the rest of her life fall apart just for a paycheck and some fame? Probably not.

However, it sounds like Tamra’s got all of this under control. Are you happy that she’s staying on?

[Photo courtesy of Rudy Martinez/Bravo]