Prominent CEO Abuses Puppy: Doberman Puppy Kicked, Dragged By CEO Of Major Company [Video]

A prominent CEO abuses a puppy and the whole scene is captured on elevator surveillance video. CBS 10 News reports that CEO of Centerplate, Des Hague, was seen in video footage kicking and dragging a defenseless Doberman puppy after entering an elevator. He clearly thought no one was watching his actions as he held onto the puppy with a leash. The dog belongs to a friend of Hague’s.

As seen in the video after entering the elevator, Hague repeatedly begins kicking the puppy, which evidently isn’t doing anything to provoke the man’s abusive behavior. He appears to be enjoying scaring the pup as they wait for the door to open. When they exit the elevator, he drags the puppy by its leash; the dog reluctantly walks with the CEO as the video ends.