Daniel Radcliffe Only Has Eyes For Actresses

Daniel Radcliffe has a very strict rule for dating the opposite sex: He’ll only consider a romantic relationship if the lady is an actress.

If you’re hoping to become the apple of the Harry Potter star’s eye, then you’d better start auditioning for roles as soon as possible. Although there are plenty of extremely remarkable women who don’t make a living in the industry, apparently Radcliffe won’t date anyone who doesn’t thoroughly appreciate the art of acting.

According to The Standard Digital News, Daniel doesn’t waste his time with women who aren’t in the business because they rarely understand his demanding schedule. Since he’s often away from home for months at a time shooting movies, Radcliffe believes only an actress would completely understand his commitment to the craft.

Although Daniel Radcliffe is possibly underestimating countless women who aren’t actresses, the Horns star may have a fair point.

“If you’re in a film and you’re an actor and your girlfriend is not an actor and you say, ‘Right, I’m going away for four months and, no, I won’t see you at all during that time’, that could go down really badly. The other person would just say, ‘Well, why don’t you just not take the job?’ whereas another actor would understand that’s just not something you would do.”

During his chat with Parade, Daniel Radcliffe also shared some insight into why love is often elusive, especially for people in their 20s. While some might say that finding the right person is difficult regardless of age, the actor believes that the internet has made things a bit more problematic for Millennials. Imagine that.

“I think people around my age, and younger, are the generation that has grown up using technology for everything. The Internet is very quick and efficient. And that’s the world in which a lot of young people are living, in terms of the speed with which things happen. Like other things on the Internet, the longevity of [love] always comes into question. But I think love is generally difficult to achieve.”


Radcliffe continued:

“The way we talk online is less personal, less about actual communication, and often not representative of who we are. That technology is supposed to be about bringing people together.”

Daniel Radcliffe fans can catch the charismatic actor in the romantic comedy What If. The film is in theaters now. Also keep your eyes peeled for Radcliffe’s recent foray into horror, director Alexandre Aja’s Horns. The film is slated to hit theaters this October.

[Lead image via India Live]