Family Thinks Their House Is Haunted: The Truth Turns Out To Be Far Worse

A family in Ontario whose home was plagued by strange noises and things that went bump in the night were convinced they were living in a haunted house.

Yet the suspected ‘ghost’ which plagued their every waking hour and filled their nights with dread turned out to be something far more sinister than your average poltergeist.

The cause of all the unease and disruption may not have had a supernatural origin but for many people, an apparition from beyond the grave would have been preferable to the true horror which lie in wait.

Picture the scene, if you dare. According to Simcoe County Online, Rachel Leck and her 10-year-old son Xavier walked into the living room one night, looking forward to a game of baseball on TV.

Their sporting spectacle was soon to be cut short by the sinister entity that laid dormant and deadly in what most families affectionately regard as the heart of their home.

Rachel explained she sat down on the couch as Xavier turned on the television, but as her son went to sit down beside her, something stopped him dead in his tracks, causing the startled youngster to freeze like a statue.

Because sitting less than a meter away from an unsuspecting Rachel, who was busy watching the ball game, was a monstrous giant python.

That’s right folks! There was a python casually lounging on their sofa. You know, the sort of snake that could kill you quicker than you could say “Don’t eat that apple Eve!”

Rachel explained:

“Xaiver turned around to sit down on the couch beside me and he says, ‘There’s a snake.’ We both screamed and I jumped the hell off that couch pretty darn quick.”

Rushing out of the house, Rachel and Xaiver alerted neighbors to what had happened. From that point, it was very much game on! As the concerned community flocked together to play ‘hunt the serpent.’

They finally discovered the supernatural snake curled up under a hutch like a frightened door-mouse or patient spider – take your pick.


Rachel called 911 and said:

“I’ve just seen a big snake in my living room and I think I could be in danger…. It could be a cobra for all I know about snakes.”

The boys in blue turned up mob handed in not one, not two, but three Midland police cruisers, but fair cop, the law enforcers did an admirable job of capturing the rouge reptile and removing it.

Rachel firmly believes that the snake was probably slithering around the house for a couple of weeks. Which would explain the ghostly phenomena of lamps being mysteriously knocked over and glasses falling to the floor.

A relieved Rachel added; “We were joking that we had a ghost.”

Just how the python entered their humble abode in the first instance remains a mystery, and one that’ll have to wait for another day.