December 4, 2017
Poll Reveals 16 Percent Of French People Support ISIS

With the current media frenzy over the barbaric beheading of journalist James Foley by an ISIS militant in Syria recently, some interesting polls have come to light to try and establish just how much support the extreme Islamist group enjoys in Europe.

The results might shock you as the polls revealed that there is way more support for ISIS, also known as IS and ISIL, than one may have expected.

While in Germany only 2% of the population is pro-ISIS, in France the number is a staggering 16 percent.

One of the polls, carried out by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, asked people living in Gaza their views on ISIS, and remarkably ISIS enjoys more support in Europe than it even does in the Gaza Strip.

The poll also broke the figures down by age, as you can see from the table below, it's mainly the younger, 18-24 age bracket who are favourable to ISIS, confirming that radicalisation among young Muslims in Europe is on the rise.


The problem with the statistics is that not only are these young Muslims becoming more radical in France, Holland and other European countries, but a large number of them have also travelled to Syria and Iraq to join the terrorists of ISIS in their quest to Islamize the world.

Poor James Foley was executed, live on camera, by a masked Muslim man, tentatively identified as John from London, proving that European Muslims have a hands-on role in establishing a Muslim state in the middle east.

This growth in extremism among the Muslims of Europe has already had some devastating results for the Jewish communities there. They are still haunted by the memory of the Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered.

jew hate in europe cover

Recently, for example, a Synagogue in Paris was surrounded and smashed in a Kristalnacht style attack and many Jews were injured.

European governments are struggling to come to terms with the fanatic ISIS threat within their borders. As and when ISIS fighters return from Syria and Iraq, there is concern that they might plan to carry out large-scale terror attacks on mainland Europe.