Justice For Dillon Taylor: Why Has Unarmed White Man Fatally Shot By Black Cop In Utah Been Ignored?

Addam Corré

Have you heard of Dillon Taylor? Have you heard of Michael Brown?

Did you know that Dillon Taylor, a 20-year-old white man, was shot to death by a black police officer on August 11 outside a 7-Eleven store in South Salt Lake? What, you missed the tragic story because the media has been obsessed only with reporting the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson?

Had you even heard of Dillon Taylor before you read this?

If you haven't, you need to ask yourself a very tough question: Why?

Why has the media gone into a frenzy reporting the tragic and untimely death of Michael Brown, while basically ignoring a very similar shooting incident in Utah. We won't state the obvious, rather will leave you to draw your own conclusions on that one.

Indeed, the fact that the officer concerned in the Michael Brown shooting was taken to hospital with a reported fractured eye socket which he received during a beating from Brown before fatally shooting him. It may suggest that the officer could, possibly, have been acting in self-defense, as cops are often forced to do.

But it seems that it was enough that a white cop shot an African-American unarmed teen to death. No investigation, no trying to work out exactly what happened, just a foregone conclusion that Brown was innocent and the officer guilty.

The Washington Post reported that according to talk-show host Rush Limbaugh the disproportionate media coverage is due to the "liberal world view" currently very prevalent in the states:

"In the current climate in the United States, a black person can never be the oppressor, and a white person can never be a victim," said Mr. Limbaugh on his radio show last week.

In an even more shocking turn of events, Reverend Al Sharpton, as well as Michael Brown's uncle, a preacher, took to the pulpit to tell young black people in America that Michael Brown's blood is "calling to be avenged from the ground,"

In other words, men -- older men -- who are supposed to be responsible, and who are in any case men of the cloth and hold strong Christian beliefs, chose to use the church's pulpit to encourage black people to "avenge" Michael Brown's blood, presumably violently.

Surely it would have been better for them to stand on the pulpit and appeal for calm, while explaining to people that it is not good rush to judgement with an emotional reaction to such an incident, but rather to wait and see what the facts of the case actually are.

The Desert Utah News reported on August 19 about the shooting of Taylor, showing that the incident was similar in some ways to that of Brown's: "South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Darin Sweeten said three officers gave Taylor verbal commands to reveal his hands, but Taylor failed to comply and was 'visibly upset. Taylor was subsequently shot and died at the scene."

The outrage and ensuing media coverage over the shooting of an unarmed white man in Utah will never receive the same attention as the tragic shooting of an unarmed black man like Michael Brown.

Political correctness doesn't permit it.