Millions Celebrated Back-To-School By Watching A Clever Marketing Video

Millions have laughed at the “Baby Got Class” back-to-school video since Inquisitr last reported. The video went viral, garnering more than 4 million views. The “Baby Got Back” parody video, which covers all the routine back-to-school events, was uploaded to YouTube by the Holderness family. Within a week, the video was featured on Fox Friends and The Today Show. The couple clearly enjoys their kids and have succeeded in mixing family fun with a successful business.

Most viral videos happen by chance, but the back-to-school parody video was created by media masterminds. According to BizJournals, the husband and wife duo joined forces with another former journalist and founded a company called Greenroom Communications, which specializes in helping clients create successful viral marketing campaigns.

The Holderness family Facebook page enjoyed a new bump in traffic since the most recent YouTube video made the national news. Each time a family video is released, the family gets a bit more attention. Greenroom Communications recently shared the commercial for My Monopoly by Hasbro featuring the Holderness family. The Greenroom Communications blog explained:

“Since we danced around in our driveway in ill-fitting pajamas, we’ve been lucky enough to get some memorable phone calls: The Las Vegas skydiving company wanting Kim to jump out of a plane in her Christmas Jammies (Kim gets anxiety attacks in turbulence. Jumping OUT of a plane would never happen).The dozens of families who wanted us to make cameo Sweet 16 parties/Bar Mitzvah appearances (very flattering, but probably not a sustainable business model). And the food companies wanting us to promote foods our family would never eat (food coloring? As if our kids need to be MORE hyper).There have been plenty of “Thanks, But No Thankses”, but we recently got a call we couldn’t believe. Monopoly wanted to work with us!


Besides being a fun family project, the Holderness family videos have turned out to be a brilliant way to market their own marketing business. Penn Holderness explained that every time the family makes a video; a new potential client gives him a call:

“It’s a combination of corporate clients who want just interesting videos about themselves and some national brands who have called and said, ‘Hey, would you guys do a video for us with your family?'”