November 20, 2017
'Duck Dynasty' Season 7 Premier Has Phil Robertson Feeling 'Trapped' [Video]

Duck Dynasty Season 7 is still mostly a secret despite A&E having so much leaked information that we could hear the quacking from the across the pond. But now Phil Robertson's family is starting open up about their experiences in filming the opener episodes for the next season and some locals even caught them on video.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Phil will be helping Messianic Jews raise money for their efforts in Israel and we also have a video of Willie Robertson taking the ice bucket challenge in a slightly different fashion. If you are looking for a unique Duck Commander product, I'd suggest looking out for the planned Duck Commander hot sauce.

While some critics claimed (hoped?) the dramatic fall in ratings would force A&E to have Duck Dynasty cancelled, Willie Robertson thinks the ratings drop was not that big a deal and was just a natural cycle of reality TV. But now we know A&E has definitely re-upped the show through at least 2015 and they have begun filming Duck Dynasty Season 7.

According to The Shreveport Times, John Godwin, a Duck Commander employee since 2002, talked about his recent experience during the film shoot and how they're taking the show abroad. Godwin is also hoping A&E will reimburse him for his travel expenses and groused about how people inside West Monroe are easier to deal with.

"We've got some good things going on in it that we're pretty excited about," Godwin said. "We'll be traveling abroad and there's some good stuff. People come up and shake your hand, which is pretty flattering. It's when we travel off when people want to come up and take pictures. It's kinda weird too, cause I'm just me."
The Beardless Brother known as Alan Robertson also said the next Duck Dynasty premier had Phil Robertson feeling a little antsy about being so far away from his beloved Louisiana.
"We were filming the premier for the next season. We have a big event show coming up," Alan said. "I got tickled cause it was just like when Phil was in Hawaii last year. He gets trapped. He says 'it's like Yuppieville on steroids.' That's his deal."
As we all know by now, the Robertson's are hardly yuppies (well, unless you count the before and after photos of the Robertson family).

Phil Robertson Yuppie

At this point we'll discuss some of the rumors surrounding Duck Dynasty Season 7, so don't read any more if you do not want spoilers.

'Duck Dynasty' Season 6 Finale Jumped The Duck? Phil Robertson Jumps The Pond To Scotland For Season 7

Based upon the leaks, it's claimed that the Duck Dynasty Season 7 premier will likely be based in Scotland, where the Robertson family finds its ancestral heritage. Specifically, the Robertson clan came from Kinross-shire so that's likely where they'll explore their Scottish heritage.

While we have no clue why Phil felt not happy, not happy, not happy, we do know that the family participated in the Inverkeithing Highland Games in Scotland. Witnesses say they saw the filming crew in the woods with guns, and others claim they heard "explosions" off in the distance. Of course, Phil may have been referring to another filming location since the reports from Scotland were at the beginning of August while this newest report is from last week. So it sounds likely they were filming in a different location because their activities in Scotland hardly seemed like "yuppieville on steroids."

'Duck Dynasty' Season 7 To Feature Phil Robertson's Family In Scotland?