August 21, 2014
'Duck Dynasty' Cancelled? Willie Robertson Talks Ratings Drop, Duck Commander Plans

Critics have long been claiming we'll see Duck Dynasty cancelled by A&E due to the rapid fall in ratings, but Willie Robertson believes the controversy isn't all it's quacked up to be. Willie also discussed some of the plans for Duck Commander.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Duck Dynasty Season 7 is in the works and Phil Robertson, Willie, and the rest of the gang were spotted in Scotland filming for new episodes. It's assumed they'll be hunting and participating in sporting events, but they're also exploring the Scottish heritage of the Robertson family. But if you can't wait for the latest video, I'd suggest checking out how one "wet Willie" made his mark for the ice bucket challenge.

Willie and his wife Korie spoke the plans for the future although they did start by addressing the past. They believe the Duck Dynasty ratings took a dive because of when they were aired:

"To some extent it's a natural cycle of any show. You have ups and you have downs… [Duck Dynasty Season 6] was aired in the summer which is when not as many people are watching TV. Those things affect it. It's about what you're up against too so a lot of factors play into that. We just do what we do...I mean it's the top show on cable. I think anybody would kill to have a top show on cable, you know, for one night of the week so we feel like it's not as bad."
Right now the past is actually the future since A&E has been focusing on airing a special season of "Before The Dynasty" which shows the Duck Commander gang before they became as they are now:
"It was episodes that we did before 'Duck Dynasty' and they were on the Outdoor Channel. Korie's hair is a different color, beards are a little shorter, the kids are certainly a lot younger; it's still fun. A&E's been airing these little clips throughout the [sixth] season to kind of give the fans a taste of it, and they really responded well. [It] seemed like they wanted to see more so we're happy that A&E is airing those old 'Duck Commander' episodes."
The before and after photos of the family with and without long beards had some calling Duck Dynasty fake, but such criticism isn't stopping the Robertson's from continuing what they do best. Willie and Korie say the plan for Duck Dynasty Season 7 is to continue their tradition of using the show as platform for discussing faith and family. The controversy over Phil Robertson and his GQ interview is something they admit no one wants to be involved with, but they insist "you have to stand up for what you believe in and stay true to your principles and your values and those things don't change. It doesn't shift and sway with the wind."

Willie is also considering what they may do with Duck Commander or other efforts outside of the TV show:

"As far as what else we would do, I don't know, we've been approached for a lot of opportunities, and we may do something on television, we may not, so who knows we'll just see. We'll let the Lord guide us where He takes us."
We do know the family is talking about making their brand of Duck Commander hot sauce but otherwise they heaven't leaked any other tidbits.

What would you like to see in Duck Dynasty Season 7?