'Duck Dynasty' Hot Sauce To Be One Spicy Duck Commander Food Product

The Duck Dynasty family always tends to cook up something extra special in their kitchen, but a spicy Duck Commander hot sauce being created by Willie Robertson may put another interesting twist on the famous Louisiana hot sauce.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Duck Dynasty products make A&E a lot of money, and the family has also been working on their own side projects that will be sold separately from the Duck Dynasty brand name. For example, Jep Robertson is working on a new T-shirt line that will see for $45 a pop. While that sounds costly, it'll still probably cost less than the Duck Dynasty lawsuit that has a clothing line company suing A&E because customers are confused about whether their product is associated with the reality TV show.

According to WWLTV, the United States hot sauce market has grown by 150 percent since the year of 2000, and it just happens the home state of the Duck Dynasty family is known for its Louisiana hot sauce. The report declares that the "state's signature condiment is so famous that Louisiana hot sauce has become a generic term," and even Willie uses it when describing how he likes to eat his food:

"(Original) Louisiana Hot Sauce is my favorite," Robertson said. "I can't eat red beans and rice without it, and I always put it on my eggs."
Louisiana's basic hot sauces include cayenne chile peppers, vinegar and salt, but with an increase in demand comes a diversity in taste. Businesses are trying out new flavors in hopes of grabbing some of that growing market share. Willie is no different and he's said to be working on a Duck Commander hot sauce, although exactly what will make his version special was not revealed. As long as it is not duck sauce flavored, I think it may just turn out alright.