WWE News: Two More WWE Superstars Leaving The Company By The End Of This Week

For those who are still watching the WWE, you may have noticed a peculiar change in the program. The promos are more dramatic, the action is more dynamic and the overall product has improved. This is great news for both the WWE Universe and WWE superstars, especially at the heels (probably still in the midst) of the WWE’s struggles.

Earlier on, The Inquisitr reported on the Vince McMahon’s painful woes pertaining to his company resulting in sacrifices (primarily to the expense of others) to keep from tanking. This includes the “skimming of fat” by letting go several WWE superstars along with a head writer because of the pitfalls of the WWE Network (for $9.99), especially during WWE SummerSlam 2014. Unfortunately, the company’s transition to bare bones is the fault in the stars for some WWE superstars. Pink slips are being handed out for every incident, accidental or not, such as Emma shoplifting an iPad case and Alberto del Rio slapping another WWE employee.

Despite the recent upturn, WWE is losing two more of their roster as reports of both Rob Van Dam and Ryback are poised to leave the company this week.

According to an article by Bro Bible, Ryback announced on his Twitter account that he was taking time off from the WWE for personal reasons as in getting his house in order. The tweet he left reads the following.

“Going away for a while to get some stuff fixed. Have not been myself for quite some time. Ps sorry punk… #Ryback”

The tweet was linked out with a photo. However, we cannot link to the tweet anymore because it was deleted along with every tweet in Ryback’s timeline. This might mean a couple of things. First, it could mean he wants solitude. Second, he may be terminated. Neither is confirmed.

As for Rob Van Dam, the Bleacher Report reports that Mr. Monday Night (a.k.a. The Whole Dam Show or The Whole F’n Show) may take another hiatus some time after WWE SummerSlam 2014. As of now, it is confirmed he has left making this run the least memorable run with the WWE he had thus far. This even eclipsed his run last year, which is a shame. At 43 years of age, fans expect more out of Rob Van Dam. However, his age could also be a factor on why he isn’t as reckless as he used to be. Injuries, surely from his style of wrestling, have probably stacked up.


There is no official reason Rob Van Dam chose to expire his contract, but recent words towards the WWE’s younger talent last month might shine a light of understanding. In another article by Cageside Seats, Rob Van Dam made a statement that opened the eyes of many in the wrestling community.

“These guys, and everybody at WWE right now, is so good that the standard of the pro wrestler compared to maybe 10 years ago: night and day difference. I came back last year and I was so impressed. Guys that come up now through NXT, a lot of them, maybe most of them, seem to be growing up in the business and with only four or five years’ experience. They’re already 10-12 year veterans. I’m more happy, with the caliber rising, that I can still get in there with my style and ability and still be relevant with the new age of wrestlers coming up just like it was back then.

So, are they getting a rub from wrestling with me? Probably so, but these guys, I don’t feel like they need me.”

Summarized, Rob Van Dam feels insignificant to the younger talent because he believes they are in par with his experience. If we take in present situations, it might be understandable because his matches during his 2014 run has been lackluster.

What do you think about Ryback and Rob Van Dam leaving the WWE? Do you think these two wrestlers are vital for the WWE and should stay? Or do you think they need to go despite how strong their characters were earlier in their careers? Please let us know in the comments below.