Dad Films Teenage Daughter’s Selfie Session…Is This What We All Look Like? [Video]

Chances are if you’re under the age of 30, you’ve had at least one embarrassing selfie session in order to get that perfect shot to drum up Facebook likes, send to someone you want to make sure knows the full power of your duck face, or just generally document the fact that you do, in fact, look good sometimes. Well, thank God that this guy isn’t your dad — your embarrassing selfie session might be on the internet.

A father looked into his backseat to find that his daughter was engaged in a what can only be deemed a “selfie session.” The teenage girl was recorded for nearly a full minute making all manner of contorted faces while an unknown female in the front seat laughs, “You’re such a d**k.”

The video has caught the eye of more than 100,000 Youtube users since it was posted three days ago. Though some users pointed out that it seems like the girl might actually notice her dad filming the selfie stream at the 32-second mark, we’re not really sure how that helps her case. Maybe she just really needed the attention?

Either way, it’s far from the most embarrassing selfie taken in recent months. A girl from America’s South took a photo at Auschwitz concentration camp in memory of her deceased father, causing widespread outrage across the internet in July when the photo gained popularity. Her response? “I’m famous, y’all!”


It’s hard to say from the surreptitious selfie video above if the girl was embarrassed or got a good laugh out of it — she seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about herself to be taking the pictures in the first place.

What do you think? Have selfies gotten out of control or is the modern self portrait for the masses?

[Photo via Rumble Viral]