Kindergarten Loaded Gun: .22 Caliber Gun Found In Kindergarten Student's Backpack

A kindergarten student brought a loaded gun to school, but police say that the child meant no harm. According to FOX News, a loaded.22-caliber revolver was found in the child's backpack. At this point, it is unclear why the child brought the gun to school, or how he got his hands on it. No charges have been filed in the case, however. And, most important, no one was hurt.

"Police have contacted the child's mother and her boyfriend to determine whether any criminal charges are warranted. The gun came from the boy's home and is registered to someone born in 1914 who police think is deceased."
The kindergarten student did not use the loaded gun and did not put up a fight of any kind when the gun was removed from his backpack. It sounds like the child may have thought the gun was cool -- or maybe even thought it was a toy -- and put it in his backpack, perhaps to show his friends. Another possible scenario involves the boy's parents putting the gun in his backpack, but that seems less likely, as a motive would be completely unclear.

According to WPXI, the circumstances are being called "unique." Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Police Chief Donald Couch Jr. said that while the case is still being investigated, there is no threat to students at the school, nor was there at any time.

"It's a very unique situation. As far as the circumstances, how it got there, I can't go into that. I can stress that at no time were any students in danger. We are definitely sure there was no ill will by the student towards anyone."
Another kindergarten student noticed the loaded gun in the boy's backpack and notified a teacher, according to Superintendent David Wytiaz. He understands the concerns of parents but has reached out to say that no one saw the gun being removed, and he stressed that no student was in any danger.
"We believe at this point, there was no threat made or anything like that. The gun was removed without anyone seeing it."
According to The Inquisitr, a 7-year-old boy in Philadelphia found a loaded gun in his backpack in February 2013. The student did not know how the gun got into his backpack at the time. The.38-caliber handgun was loaded at the time it was found but it was not used, and no one at the school was injured.

[Photo:.22 Caliber handgun courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]