‘Duck Dynasty’ Not Canceled: Robertsons, Cast Re-Up For 2015 Season

Duck Commander fans, it’s official: Duck Dynasty cast is returning for another two seasons — at minimum. According to Alan, Phil Robertson’s eldest son, the redneck clan from West Monroe, Louisiana signed a contract through 2015, according to Shreveport Times.

Just when you thought Si Robertson’s tea had dried out, Jase’s witty narration had bust a tractor gasket or Miss Kay’s ham hocks and squirrel stew was off the menu, the Duck cast members signed on the dotted line.

The beardless Rev. Robertson, who makes cameos in Duck Dynasty episodes, delivered the good news and hinted he may be playing a larger role in the show.

One of the best additions is they’re starting to put me on the air more. For awhile, I joked that they only brought me on when they wanted the big ratings. To this day the highest rated show is the wedding, so I want to thank all of America for making my debut so meaningful.

We know we’re locked in for at least another full year — through 2015. Beyond that, we really don’t know. We have recommitted this year — both our family and the network production crew — to putting out some really good stories from our family that we can all enjoy. I think this next year’s going to be really, really good.”

The A&E series drew record-breaking ratings with its hour-long premiere. In its fourth season, 11.8 million viewers tuned in to watch Dynasty‘s Till Duck Do Us Part episode in which Phil and Kay renewed their vows in a traditional ceremony this time around. Alan was on-hand to officiate their outdoor wedding, swamp-style.

Prior to that, TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 held the title with nearly 10.6 million views. In 2009, the show made history when Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin made the shocking announcement that they were splitting and filing for divorce.

Perhaps another season is all the clan needs to get back to commanding numbers. After Phil’s controversial remarks in GQ on gays and same-sex-marriage spread in tabloids and social media, the ratings went south faster than Si can down a pitcher of tea. However, network execs obviously have full faith and confidence the Dynasty family can deliver the goods.

Not to worry; based on the numbers from Season 6, Ducky Dynasty can keep pace with the best of reality television. With about a third of its viewers still roosting in the coop, the show is on the level with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of Orange County and others.

Bottom line: television is becoming a crowded space. That’s why some personalities and shows have opted to go digital. Others have to tap into their creative arsenal and deliver unique content in a manner that wows viewers — hook, line and sinker.


According to a longtime DD employee, the family is taking the show on the road — and overseas. Also, filming for a new season is underway.

“We’ve got some good things going on in it that we’re pretty excited about. We’ll be traveling abroad, and there’s some good stuff.”

Here’s some title suggestions for upcoming 2015 Duck Dynasty episodes:

  • Si-cho (inspired by the movie, Psycho): the clan goes to the Bates Motel.
  • A Robertson’s Safari: the family takes Africa.
  • The Amazing Jase: Robertson’s go on a countrywide race.

[Image via: Variety]