Beauty Tips Straight Off The Red Carpet

After the Emmy’s and the VMA’s, many women might be wondering what sort of beauty tips the celebrities on the red carpet use to look their best. E! Online recently reported on four major beauty tips to help the average person bring out their natural beauty and emulate the style of the stars.

The first step to beauty, according to red carpet stars, is natural, healthy looking skin. This means getting a softer, smoother look the natural way with as few chemicals as possible. This beauty tip runs parallel to the advice given by Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o, who recently shared her top beauty tips with the world. She advised avocado oil for use on both skin and hair to allow for a moisturized, vibrant glow. The red carpet stars that E! got their beauty tips from seem to say the same thing.

The first step for smooth, healthy skin starts in the shower. Most people would assume that a nice hot shower would help open up pores and exfoliate skin, but that’s not actually as good for your skin as you might think. Instead, try taking a shower with warm water–not piping hot. The high temperatures can strip the natural oils from the skin and dry you out.

The second beauty tip is exfoliation. But be careful, don’t use abrasive surfaces or face products with too many chemicals or exfoliating beads. Instead, use a gentle face and body scrub like glycolic or lactic acid, and only once a week. Too much exfoliation will also dry out skin.

Here’s where the beauty tips get a little more advanced. Face masks. E! suggests a mask of yogurt or whole milk. Let it sit for 20 minutes. The yogurt also contains lactic acid, which can help reverse the aging process and improve your natural beauty. Have you ever wondered why some red carpet stars never seem to age?

The final beauty tip is hydration. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins from your body and keep your skin looking bright and fresh.


Us Magazine also shared a few beauty tips straight off the red carpet. The tip here seems to be the dramatic use of eye makeup to get the smokey, sultry look of actresses like Claire Danes, Kate Mara and Kerry Washington. Almost all of the makeup artists seem to choose some variation of smokey mascara to bring out the celeb’s eyes.

“I didn’t want to do the usual smoky eyes and pale lips cliché,” said makeup artist Matin. “I wanted [Claire Danes] fresh and gorgeous, and nothing dresses up a face better than the perfect shade of red.”

Claire Danes, Kerry Washington, Julianne Hough on the red carpet Claire Danes, Kerry Washington, Julianne Hough

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[Image courtesy of E!]