Amish Girls Abduction: Sisters Were Shackled To Bed And Used As Sex Slaves

The Amish sisters, aged six and 12, who were allegedly abducted by Nicole Vaisey, 25, and Stephen Howells II, 39, were reportedly handcuffed together, shackled to a bed and sexually abused during their 24 hour ordeal in captivity.

According to police, the sisters were abducted by the couple at a vegetable stand outside the Amish girls’ family farm, in upstate New York around 50 miles from the Canadian border.

The couple used a puppy to lure the girls into the back of their vehicle and apparently planned the kidnapping for a number of weeks, according to Detective Sgt. Brooks Bigwarfe.

CNN reported that Howells and Vaisey pulled up to the vegetable stand in a place where they couldn’t be seen and waited for the sisters to approach the car. When they did, Howells bundled them into the back seat.

“When he started forcing them into the vehicle, they were both screaming and yelling,” Bigwarfe said.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the sisters were held for around 24 hours, during which time they were sexually and mentally abused.

An Amber Alert was issued by the police, who finally located the Amish girls around 12 miles from where they were abducted.


When she appeared in court, Vaisey was said to be wearing a bulletproof vest. Her lawyer, Bradford Riendeau, alleged that his client was involved in some kind of BDSM Master/slave relationship, and she did not mastermind the abductions.

Riendeau told reporters:”I don’t think she had any control over what went on in the relationship. That was the essential ground rule of it. He told her what to do.”

The pair have been charged with second-degree kidnapping and are looking at up to 25 years in prison if convicted of the charges against them.

The Amish girls, who are clearly traumatized by their ordeal, are said to be making a full recovery and, thankfully, neither of them suffered from any major physical injuries.