Kandi Burruss Completes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Family, Has Plan To Lose Weight [Video]

Kandi Burruss completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge along with other members of her family. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star had to wait until she could get her hair done before she could have ice water dumped on her head — but the time finally came, and she did a great job! The reality star posted the video on Instagram for all to see (though it was in a couple of parts).

“Here it is! #ALS #icebucketchallenge I challenge @phaedraparks@neneleakes@kingdomlos #AMothersLove cast @itsmeelah@shirleymurdock4real@yagirldwoods…. I didn’t get it on camera but @donjuannc@tamera_wynn@camcambi@4kwame@jamar_west06 I’m challenging y’all too! @derekjhair is on his way to save the day! #blackgirlproblems #ineedmyhairdone.”

Kandi Burruss recently announced that she would be going on tour for the musical A Mother’s Love. She and her husband, Todd Tucker, will be hitting the road in September, with shows through the end of the year. According to TMZ, Burruss has had some pretty crazy demands, and all of the things that she requested were laid out in a contract that was confirmed to be authentic by her rep.


For starters, Burruss has requested Popeyes fried chicken — and asked that there be no substitutes because she can “tell the difference.” She also requested a black Mercedes Benz Sprinter, golf carts and umbrellas in case it rains, a new toilet seat, Dove soap, and Cottonelle toilet paper — and that was only part of the list. Of course most stars do have very specific requirements while they are out on the road, but Burruss took heat because her demands were quite particular.

Kandi Burruss has been quite busy lately. Just last week the reality star added another thing to her “to do” list: Lose 20 pounds. According to The Inquisitr, Kandi plans on losing 20 pounds in just one month — perhaps in preparation for the aforementioned tour. Kandi has been living a very strict life as of late when it comes to dieting and exercising. She has been working out with a trainer, and watching everything that she puts in her mouth. While some doctors will tell you that it’s not healthy to lose so much weight in such a short time, Kandi is determined.

It is unknown if Kandi has dropped any weight just yet, but she is hoping to bring her frame down a size or two. She will reportedly be going from 157 pounds to 137 pounds (she is 5’7″) — and hopefully she can keep it off. Do you think Kandi will lose the weight? Would you want to see her in A Mother’s Love?

[Photo courtesy of Wilford Harewood/Bravo]