WWE News: WWE Legend Superstar Billy Graham Says He Has Only 2 Years To Live

It is never a good thing to know that you are going to die, but one former WWE Superstar knows the feeling all too well. “Superstar” Billy Graham was told by doctors recently that he has perhaps 2 years to live at best. This is due to a liver problem involving Hepatitis C, something he allegedly caught from long time wrestling cut-man, Abdullah The Butcher. Graham was said to have known about the disease before, but didn’t know his life was ending until recently. He was not shy about telling Abdullah what he thought of him via his Facebook, saying:

“The f–king worthless sub-human piece of s–t Abdullah. He never bladed me but as you know gave Hannibal Hep C which almost killed him and is going to kill me. The liver docs have recently told me I have about 2 years left then my liver fails and I take my final bump. So f–k Abdullah and I hope he dies a miserable death.”

To be fair to Graham, Abdullah was kind of a horrible person for some time. He wrestled knowing he had Hep C and cut himself in almost every match he participated in. A few years back, a young Indy wrestler named Devon Nicholson, known as Hannibal contracted Hep C. The kid was doing well and had WWE eyes on him. However, he had a match with Abdullah and ended up getting Hep C from him. Abdullah “forgot” to tell Nicholson that he had the blood disease and bladed during the match, causing Devon to get blood on him and end up getting the disease. This cost him his wrestling career for a while, but then he was able to get treatment and end up recovering from the disease, thankfully.

Devon is young, and he had no real liver problems before this Hep C issue. So unlike Graham, who has an older and horrible liver even without Hep C, Devon could recover from Hep C a bit easier before it took him too young.

Abdullah does not get as many calls to wrestle anymore due to the Hep C issue, but the fact that he had it and wasn’t telling anyone was quite irresponsible. Other guys like Hannibal would wrestle and get cut, not knowing they had the disease and cause others to get the disease too.

WWE Legend Billy Graham was victim in it all, which is sad to say. The problem that Graham overlooks is that he has many problems other than Hep C with his liver. The WWE Hall of Famer’s life was already at risk for liver issues. His liver had problems due to steroids and drug abuse from years earlier. He used for some time, and the body does not forget that. Everything you take in takes years off your life.

Many former WWE Superstars have died from steroid and drug abuse, but many also died years after they stopped. People like former WWE Champion and Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero had been off painkillers and steroids for some time but died due to a heart attack. It resulted from years of abuse with those drugs.

While Hep C will ultimately be a root cause in the death of “Superstar” Billy Graham, he has been in poor health for some time, dating back to last year he had been in the Mayo Clinic for issues. While he could have had the disease then, Graham has multiple other issues on top of this, so it is sad that he has a timetable on when he could die.

Currently, he is bitter because of it. However, those who know their time is coming usually tend to make good on things they did badly with in life, even if they felt they were right when they did it. Look at Ultimate Warrior for one. Many think that he had an idea that his time was coming, and he ended up doing good things in the end. He healed his relationship with Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan and many others. Maybe WWE’s first real Superstar will do the same.

WWE has been known to help former talent with issues, but due to the bridges Graham has burnt with the WWE in his time, it is doubtful they would extend any helping hand. Even if they did, it is doubtful he’d accept.

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