January 20, 2017
Mark Wahlberg: We've Been Talking About 'Entourage' Movie 'Non-Stop'

'Boardwalk Empire' may not have swept the board at the Emmys, but the show's producer Mark Wahlberg may still have an 'Entourage' movie to look forward to.

Speaking on the red carpet to Extra's Mario Lopez, co-producer Wahlberg revealed an 'Entourage' feature film looks likely:

"Yeah, for sure. You saw the way it ended. After the credits, Jeremy Piven's character is in Italy with his wife and he gets a big phone call. I think that's obviously going to cause a lot of tension within his relationship. And the guys are going to have to go back to where it started. We've been talking about the movie non-stop. That's the goal."
As fans will know, the prospect of an 'Entourage' film is pretty much as old as time itself. Creator Doug Ellin has stated more than once that he hopes to write a film after the series wraps up. Last year, it seemed to be ruled out again (this time by Kevin Dillon), before Emmanuelle Chriqui appeared back in the summer to say there was a "definite possibility" of a film.

In other words, er, we've still no idea, but Wahlberg's words are very encouraging.

Away from 'Entourage,' Wahlberg was happy to big up the second season of 'Boardwalk Empire,' as well as its star, Steve Buscemi:

"The season is phenomenal. There's a lot more at stake and everybody's after Nucky. [...] Steve Buscemi is literally one of the greatest living actors. Period."
And I think we can all agree with that last statement.