US Attorney Jenny Durkan Was a Victim of Skimming

Jenny Durkan, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, hosted a press conference yesterday at a federal courthouse in Seattle to discuss skimming – the crime of copying bank account information using debit card readers and video surveillance to record users entering PINs.

However, it’s not just a political cause for Durkan, but also a personal one: the attorney herself was a victim of skimming last month, when crooks stole her debit card information andPIN and snatched $1,000 from her checking account.

At her conference yesterday, Durkan, a member of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of U.S. Attorneys, was joined by the Secret Service Seattle Electronic Crimes Task Force. Together, they warned the public about recent examples of skimming in and around the Puget Sound area of Washington.

Vigilance, explained Durkan, was the key to foiling the perpetrators. Recently-made ATMs will now display a picture of what the slot and keypad are supposed to look like as a background, allowing consumers to easily identify any foreign devices that are attached.

Main Justice points out that Durkan is not the only high profile government official to become a victim of electronic criminals. Two years ago, a phishing scam almost got the better of FBI Director Robert Mueller. Ever since he almost handed over sensitive information about his bank account, Mueller says he has completely avoided using online banking.

Has anyone here been a victim of skimming? Feel free to share your story with us in the comments!