Ignore No More App Gives Tech-Savvy Parents a Way to Control Kids’ Mobile Habits

Parents might think that generations who have grown up on mobile devices are more likely to stay in touch, stay connected. However, this isn’t the case if your child ignores your text messages and phone calls. One mother got fed up with her son’s lack of response, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Sharon Standifird took to the web, learned how to build a mobile app, and crafted Ignore No More, an app that prevents children from using their phones except to call their family members or emergency once enabled by a concerned parent.

Multi-Device Management

Ignore No More takes a simple route to behavior modification. If parents feel like they’re being ignored, they can install Ignore No More on multiple devices, which are controlled from a main parent administrator smartphone. Parents enter a secret passcode, which they can use to manually unlock a child’s phone. A parent can remotely lock their child’s phone at any time using their administrator account.

Tamper-Proof Security

Ignore No More can’t be easily circumvented. The initial passcode lock will serve to deter some users once they discover that their phone has been locked. A neat monitor feature allows parents to receive email notifications every time their kid tries to deactivate the app. However, there’s even more at stake for particularly tenacious children – parents can direct Ignore No More to wipe their kid’s cell phone completely if they make too many incorrect passcode attempts. Talk about tough love! The threat of losing all of their games and social media apps might make your kid shape up and give you a call, if nothing else works. Ignore No More can’t be deactivated by restarting the mobile device either. Additionally, the app cannot be uninstalled without the administrators account credentials. So if you’ve got a particularly tech-savvy youngster, be sure to keep your passwords to yourself!


Safety Features

It’s important to set up a limited contact list on your children’s phones so that they can call certain people while their phones are locked, including emergency services and multiple family members. This app will never impede a phone from connecting to 911. The household contacts list will enable users to get in touch with someone in your household after the lock is triggered. Their only option is to make a phone call – locking the phone prevents them from using any other apps such as games or their internet browser.

Ignore No More is currently available in the Android marketplace for $1.99. The app must be purchased individually for every device you wish to install it on. The developers plan to release iOS versions of Ignore No More, but no date has been announced yet.

Parents know that sometimes their kids will hit the “Ignore” button while watching TV, playing video games, or hanging out with their friends. Adults can gain the upper hand with their technology by simply locking their children’s phones until they receive a call back.