‘Bachelor’ Star Juan Pablo’s Ex Renee Oteri Already Planning For More Children

Bachelor star Juan Pablo may have favored Renee Oteri because she had a son at home, but the commonality of having children was not enough to keep Renee around. It took a long time for them to kiss and move forward with their relationship, but Oteri decided to introduce her son to Juan Pablo during their hometown date. After that date, he sent her home.

Juan Pablo ended up choosing Nikki Ferrell after a controversial finale, something that Oteri can only be thankful that she wasn’t a part of. But soon after she returned home, she fell in love with a friend, who she had known for a while. In July, she announced her first pregnancy with her husband. She married Bracy Maynard back in March.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelor star Juan Pablo hasn’t said much after learning that his ex-girlfriend is expecting another son. But the announcement of her pregnancy comes with a twist. As soon as this boy comes out, they want to keep trying for another baby. They both want a girl.

“Oh yeah, definitely, we really want a girl,” Renee reveals. “We’ll be trying for another ASAP!” But first, they will be taking care of their son. And they don’t be naming him Juan Pablo. Instead, she is respecting her husband’s family line by continuing the name, Bracy.

“Bracy is definitely a possibility. It’s a family name, with my Bracy, his dad, and his dad’s dad all named Bracy,” she reveals. But they will call him Bracy Junior, or BJ.


Renee was one of the women on the show who were quick to move on after leaving Juan Pablo behind. Of course, she already knew her current husband from before The Bachelor, but she did want a family for her son, Ben. People were surprised when she got married in March, just as the season of the show was wrapping up on television.

And it doesn’t sound like Juan Pablo is too upset about her moving on fast. According to The Inquisitr, Juan Pablo has been spending time with Nikki Ferrell. Earlier this year, the two celebrated his birthday in Miami with plenty of public displays of affection and praise. Of course, the two are not the favorite couple from The Bachelor franchise, as he completely disrespected Chris Harrison on the season finale.

Are you surprised that Juan Pablo’s ex is moving forward by planning for lots of children?

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