Kate Middleton’s Mother Attacked For Shunning Family Since Royal Wedding

Carole Middleton, the mother of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has reportedly come under fire from her goddaughter for turning her back on her extended family since Kate joined the royal family.

Joanne Callen is the daughter of Carole’s first cousin and is also her godchild. She claimed to reporters that she and her mother haven’t seen Kate Middleton, not even once, since her wedding day, and that Kate’s mom and dad frequently shun family get-togethers.

On Sunday, the Mail Online in Britain reported that Carole Middleton, according to her goddaughter, was a “social climber” and had turned her back on her family as well as her own brother, Gary Goldsmith.

Joanne told The Mail:

“When I was a child Carole was really good to me. She was a very good mother, a lovely godmother, and I liked her. But she has always been a social climber and now I feel she is snobbish. She behaves as if we are not good enough for her now – so she does not need to respond to us or have any care. At the end of the day, I’m not sure what the word goddaughter means any more.”

According to the report, the Middletons haven’t bothered much with the other side of their family in quite a while, Janne shared with the publication:


“Carole doesn’t reply to invitations and doesn’t turn up at any family events. She claims that she won’t go anywhere where Gary is but I think she is just making excuses. The real reason is that she is above us now. We’re not in her social circle. It’s as if we are not good enough now and she’s embarrassed by us. She is now even grander than the Queen.”

As if that were not bad enough, Joanne claims, she hasn’t even met Prince George, who was born over a year ago, despite promises from Carole Middleton to introduce him to the family.

Joanne said, “I was so excited when George was born. I watched Kate leaving the hospital looking lovely and have read about him in lots of newspapers and magazines. But none of the family has met him and we have barely seen Carole since the wedding.”

Joanne and her family hope that her godmother and the rest of the family will embrace them a bit more and, at the very least, let them meet their relative — the new Prince.