Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’: Jack Huston Added To The List Of Rumored Leads?

As we recently reported, there’s been a huge list of names attached to Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Over the last few weeks, we have reported on casting rumors, and so far each actor “attached” to play the lead role is different than the last one rumored, which makes us think the important players at Marvel are casting with a really wide net for this one.

Not to rule out any possibilities, now it’s rumored that Boardwalk Empire’s Jack Huston might step into the lead role as Doctor Strange. This comes after the latest rumor that Kyle MacLachlan would take on the role. Before MacLachlan, names like Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Depp, and Jared Leto were all once attached to the lead role. The only minor confirmation we had is that Leto eventually turned down the role.

As for Jack Huston, This Is Infamous’ Billy Donnelly has some serious insider info that Huston is in the running now, and that another rumored name, Jon Hamm, is out.

“While his reps failed to answer inquiries about any conversations that may have taken place with Marvel, sources confirm to me that Jack Huston is under consideration to take the DOCTOR STRANGE lead and is definitely in the running.”

According to the site, this film is Kevin Feige’s baby and he wants to handle this project with care, which might explain why casting seems to be all over the place. Like some of the actors that came before him, Huston fits the description for the role.

The site brings up an excellent point in saying that while Jack Huston is a recognizable name among the television world, his star still has plenty of room to rise, and to most audiences he’s a pretty new name.

This Is Infamous’ Donnelly writes:

“He fits right into their budgetary approach, which is to typically get people before they’re in demand and then make them hot from their inclusion in the MCU.”

This news is already drumming up some fan response on Twitter, just like the rest of the rumors.


What do you think of the latest casting rumor?

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