Miley Cyrus Has Another Jaw-Dropping VMAs Moment – But THIS One Will Make You Proud!

Miley Cyrus was able to drop jaws again from what she did at the MTV Video Music Awards (also known as the MTV VMAs) on Sunday night. However, Miley Cyrus did not perform. She did not even present an award during the entire two-hour broadcast.

This year, the Miley Cyrus moment at the VMAs that caused millions of people watching the broadcast to glue their eyes to the television did not involve foam fingers, crotch grabbing or twerking on any kind.

When her name was announced from the stage as the winner of the Video of the Year award for the hit single, “Wrecking Ball,” Miley Cyrus did not step anywhere near the stage nor did she have a chance to say a single “Thank You.”

This young man named Jesse took the stage with several small pages of notes and, with his hands shaking nervously, said:

Thank you all – my name is Jesse, and I am accepting this award on behalf of the 1.6 million homeless youth. I’ve survived in shelters all over…. Though I may have been invisible to you in the streets, I have the same dreams as many of you.

Towards the end of his brief yet empowering speech, Jesse invited everyone listening (especially the loyal fans of Miley Cyrus) to go to her official Facebook page for more information about what they can do to help this cause. The most recent post that Miley Cyrus had on her Facebook page at the time Jesse made this announcement from the stage was in reference to My Friend’s Place, a homeless center specifically for young people that live in Hollywood.

Within the same Facebook post, Miley Cyrus also brought attention towards the Prizeo campaign that she had established in order to start raising money for My Friend’s Place. As an incentive for donating money, all donors will be entered into a raffle with one winner being selected at random to see Miley Cyrus perform in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In a statement that was officially released by Miley Cyrus in regards to why she has chosen to take this charitable path of philanthropy and giving back to the community, the 21-year old singer/actress said:

I’m just getting started. And I want to make sure my fans are part of helping me to give back and make an impact on this issue. We all have the power to make change happen. This is about helping youth, people just like you and me have the opportunity to find their inner power and potential, no matter what their circumstances.

From the moment that Jesse stepped on stage in behalf of Miley Cyrus and the cameraman was able to skillfully capture Miley Cyrus tearing up and becoming emotionally moved as Jesse spoke, Twitter became overloaded with honest reactions from Miley’s biggest fans and some of her toughest critics:

We criticize her when she does something stupid. Respect her for doing something good. #MileyCyrus #Respect

— KING KHAOS (@Khaos_Music) August 25, 2014

What do you think about what Miley Cyrus did at the MTV Video Music Awards this year?

Do you think it was just a publicity stunt to try and help eliminate the bad taste that she left in the mouths of many VMA fans and critics last year? Or, is Miley Cyrus blossoming into an amazing young woman that honestly and honorably wants to use the power of her celebrity for good?