WWE: The Undertaker Undertakes The Ice Bucket Challenge In Deathly Cold Water, Of Course

The Undertaker just lost to a bucket, with the cold water doing its best to chill the already cool Deadman. Of course, he undertook this as part of the ice bucket challenge, so it’s all going toward ALS research.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some believe the Samoan Superman known as Roman Reigns will be the next Undertaker, although personally I’d say that only Bray Wyatt is creepy enough to step into the Deadman’s boots. Some think retirement is in the air since photos showing ‘Taker seemed to indicate that Undertaker’s return to WWE may be in doubt based upon his health. Of course, if he does return, then Sting thinks that a match of The Undertaker Vs. Sting does not need even an excuse or storyline to happen at WrestleMania 31.

You might already know this by now, but the Ice Bucket Challenge is only undertaken when you are challenged by someone else to dump icy water on your head within 24 hours or you will be forced to fork over $100 toward ALS research. In this case, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool got the ball rolling by challenging her husband The Undertaker after she herself sunk beneath the icy embrace of the bucket:

Michelle had a fairly long list of people she challenged herself, of course, but it was not until The Undertaker began pouring water and she began screaming that she thought it’d be a good plan to make her husband suffer the same fate:

In appropriate Undertaker fashion, the video was shot in the dark and you can barely make out any details. There was also this strange screeching when the ice water hit, although I could not tell if he was saying “very cold” or “dreadful” after walking away into the night.