Katy Perry Slow Dances With Inflatable Alien, Uploads Video To Instagram

Katy Perry is definitely an oddball, but she’s definitely outdone herself this time.

At this stage in her insanely kooky game, everyone has grown accustomed to the British singer’s silliness. Whether she’s releasing bizarro videos or putting together over-the-top stage shows, her hijinks are well-documented and adored by her countless fans.

That said, Katy has taken her odd behavior to new heights with a video she posted on Instagram. Before your brain starts riding off into extremely perverse directions, it’s worth noting that the short clip is definitely safe for work. So please remove your mind from the gutter before investigating the video embedded below. Sheesh.

Spoiler alert: While wearing a pair of glowing glasses, Katy Perry slow dances with an inflatable alien on an otherwise deserted dance floor. It’s as innocent as it is weird, though this is pretty much par for the course for Katy. Well played.

The caption: “I will always luh yew.” Perfect.

For those who had the sound turned off while watching Katy Perry slow dance with an alien, the songs played in the background is Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You.” We’re not sure why this clip exists, but the world is a better place for it.

If you enjoy Perry’s over-the-top Shenanigans, then the Star-Tribune thinks you’ll probably enjoy Katy’s live show. In their review of her performance during a stop on the Prismatic World Tour, the singer put together a show that was equals parts goofy and family friendly. Not surprisingly, most of the approximately 15,000 individuals in attendance were tweens or teenagers. The others were most likely their parents.

Writer Chris Riemenscheider seemed to enjoy the spectacle.

“Throughout the two-hour set, Perry’s stage imagery provided visual clues like overly descriptive closed-captioning. She came out in Egyptian garb riding a golden horse to cue the decadent, cocky tone of her more hip-hop-heavy tunes, ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘E.T.’ She enlisted what looked like leftover ‘Cats’ dancers and announced herself as ‘Kitty Purry’ to set the silly tone of her ’50s-showband-style ‘Hot N Cold’ remake (very cold in this case).

“Later on, she came out wrapped in a shimmery white shawl under a giant flower umbrella to set up the dramatic, Hallmark Channel tone of the ballad ‘By the Grace of God.’ When her voice wasn’t buried under other prerecorded vocals and dance beats — the encore finale ‘Firework’ was another one in which she opened up her pipes — Perry came off shrill and shallow. No wonder she mostly stuck to the sillier stuff.”

How many times have you watched Katy Perry’s alien video?

[Lead image via The Huffington Post]