WWE News: Rumors Of Racism In WWE Has Led To New Nation Of Domination Stable Potentially Returning

Racism is a problem and always has been. Today, we still see race being played consistently. Sometimes, it might be played too often and in the wrong circumstances, but the fact that is played at all is still bad. Some companies like the WWE cannot escape the race problem, despite having successful Black and Hispanic talent.

Sadly, whenever a Black or Hispanic wrestler is passed over for a World Title or big storyline, fans pull out the race card. This has been a problem for some time. Most feel that if a person does not fit the ideology of what WWE wants for something like a World Title run, then that should be respected. Not everyone works for that type of push. You’re not going to see every superstar being given a World Title or main event storyline in their career.

Stables are another story entirely. In the Attitude Era, WWE loved to cross lines and break down barriers. As a result, they brought in a faction called The Nation of Domination. The group’s goal was to break the racial divide and put Black wrestlers on top as the group felt like they were being slighted a great deal. This led to them being heels in many ways because they were coming off as cry babies. People such as Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown, Farooq, and The Rock were part of this group.

Nation of Domination

Eventually, The Rock took it over, and the group lost its racial angle. It became simply another heel group, which helped The Rock get over well. After a while, the group disintegrated, and it was never really heard from again. This is why many thought it was interesting that WWE was planning an all-black stable once more that had similar thoughts and ideas to the Nation of Domination. This has led to many people called the group “The New Nation”.

The group was then looked over and dropped. Many felt it was because WWE was already pushing their Russian angle with Rusev and Lana. However, it seems they may have had a change of heart.

Big E. and Kofi Kingston teamed together at a recent house show, and they were managed by Xavier Woods. However, WWE tries new stuff out at live events as a test to see how they will land at TV tapings. Nothing negative has been said about the three men, so it can be assumed they did nothing wrong. While this was at a house show to try things out, that does not mean we’ll see anything about it on RAW this Monday.

WWE may be trying it out for now, working on some trial runs just to see what they have before they bring it back, if they do at all. This is a good sign for the group, however, so WWE might be changing their minds on dropping the stable. There is a need for a new faction or two after The Shield disbanded, plus it would give three guys who are constantly overlooked and out of stories something to actually do.

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