Diem Brown Diagnosed With Cancer For Third Time

Diem Brown has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The MTV star — who you probably know from her countless times on The Challenge — recently received the devastating news — that she had cancer for a third time. Diem has previously been diagnosed with ovarian cancer… twice… but had beaten the deadly disease that is challenging her again.

According to People Magazine, Diem was recently working abroad — filming a reality show — when she collapsed. The 32-year-old was airlifted to a hospital in New York City where she had emergency surgery on Sunday, according to her sister, Megan.

“Doctors found one tumor blocking her colon completely so they had to do emergency surgery that evening to remove the blockage. They were able to remove the mass, but once they were inside they found out there were multiple tumors.”

Diem Brown had to have another emergency surgery three days after the first. According to the report, Diem suffered an infection in her abdomen due to complications from the first surgery. She is expected to stay in the hospital for about two weeks before starting chemotherapy. She is currently in the ICU but doctors say that her condition is stable. Megan knows that her sister is going to be able to pull through, though it is very hard for her.

“The second surgery was two steps back, ut hopefully in the next few weeks she’ll be well enough to start chemo. She’s in and out. She’s on a lot of medication but every once and awhile you’ll see her spirit, the light back in her eyes.”

Although Diem Brown kept her cancer fight very private the first time (she had one ovary, several lymph nodes, and part of her fallopian tube removed when she was just 23-years-old), she started sharing her experience after her second diagnosis in 2012. For example, she posted videos of her hair loss according to Mail Online, and she also updated a personal blog on People.com. Her decision to share her experience with the world not only helped others who had been suffering the same fate, but also proved therapeutic for Diem herself.

If you’d like to help Diem Brown, you can donate money to her MedGift.com page.

Money donated to MedGift.com helps people in need. Unlike a woman who faked her daughter’s colon cancer and collected donations (via The Inquisitr), the site, which was co-founded by Diem, is actually helping all kinds of people with MS, cancer, and those who need help paying for other medical bills. The site offers financial support, emotional support, and even physical support.

Diem likely didn’t think she’d ever see a page on the site with her name next to it, but family, friends, and fans have already come together to raise over $32,000 for the reality star. Her goal was set at $30,000 just days ago.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]