Hillary Clinton: Accusation Of Clinton Third Term Could Be One That Sticks

Hillary Clinton has managed to avoid most of the worst talk about her really stick to her campaign. If there is one thing that could eventually bring down Hillary’s run for President, it could be claims that her election could mean a third term for her husband, Bill Clinton.

The former President of the United States directly preceding George W. Bush, Bill Clinton had a mostly successful eight years when it came to being the commander in chief. Hillary’s husband, however, seemed to have a problem with womanizing.

That womanizing is just one of the reasons quite a few people, including a number of democrats have no interest in seeing Hillary Clinton in the oval office. It is this reason that publications like the International Business Times claims that Hillary Clinton being POTUS isn’t quite as inevitable as some would claim.

That publication pointed out there was quite a bit of talk about how inevitable her election was back in 2008 as well. While it seems as if Hillary could dismiss talk of a third term for Bill, she may not have nearly as much luck in claiming this isn’t also a third term for Barack Obama.

The Clinton legacy did quite a bit to get Obama into office, once the couple had stopped sniping at him in order to try and beat him. Hillary even served in the Obama administration and this has allowed critics to claim there wouldn’t be much difference in a Clinton White House.

As CNN reports, the claims of an Obama third term seem to be worrying those who have close ties to Clinton more than any other. These same people were shrugging off concerns about Hillary’s health and age, but they are looking quite a bit more frantic whenever “third term” is mentioned.

Still, while there are some who believe claiming a Hillary presidency would actually be a Barack Obama or Bill Clinton third term could be an issue, most of those close to the former first lady point out Republicans have more pressing issues to worry about.

“It is a valid question,” said a longtime Democratic aide. “But the other side of the aisle has got plenty of their own problems. They may have a deep bench, but they certainly have no starter.”

Another aide pointed out that almost any Democrat is going to be saddled with the Obama White House. It seems as if Hillary Clinton is one who could overcome that legacy.

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