Vince McMahon, Triple H Heat With Kurt Angle Is Likely Part Of The Show

Vince McMahon and, more specifically, Triple H were furious with Kurt Angle over recent comments that the Olympic gold medalist would soon be back in the WWE.

With Angle’s TNA contract expiring in September, it seems that he spoke out of turn and just assumed that the McMahon Family would love to have him back, according to a report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

However, with the McMahons, things are seldom that simple. In the past, they’ve worked with superstars to shield the audience from finding out about surprise returns before they happen. (See Chris Jericho.)

The casual wrestling fan — the ones who don’t eat, sleep, and breathe wrestling news and rumors from the Internet — were blown away by Jericho’s latest return, at least the “when” part of it.

And if that particular comeback didn’t get you, then one of Jericho’s other surprise returns probably did.

With the current Kurt Angle situation, something is rotten in Stamford, mainly because bringing Kurt back makes too much sense for Vince McMahon and Company to pass up, especially over nothing more than a hot-headed moment.

The McMahon Family doesn’t work that way. They’re not Dana White. If something is good for business, they do it, as veteran fans of the Monday Night Wars are well aware. I mean, who would have ever thought Eric Bischoff would find his way onto WWE television?

With Kurt Angle, he’s available, he’s the only legitimate threat to Brock Lesnar among the current WWE roster, and he has the ability to get over some of the other WWE talent who should be taking the belt from Lesnar but aren’t quite where they need to be professionally.

(Looking at you, Roman Reigns.)

It’s far more likely that the McMahons are planning on bringing Kurt in when we least expect it, and they’ve staged this unconfirmed Triple H-Kurt Angle rift story as a means of beating back speculation. (A wrestling “work,” in other words.)

The way WWE used Brock Lesnar to bury John Cena at SummerSlam, it’s hard to imagine any of the roster being ready to take the ball from Lesnar in just eight months.

And having Brock squash all of his opponents at the pay-per-views from here until WrestleMania 31, doesn’t make for compelling television.

Bringing in Kurt Angle and having him give Brock Lesnar a run for his money would keep all of us watching, and it would set up opportunities for the young talent who need to be learning from high-level performers still active in the business instead of a green writing team that rarely has a clue what it’s doing.

What do you think, readers? Is the heat between Triple H and Kurt Angle a ruse signed off on by Vince McMahon? Share your thoughts in our comments section.