Victor White’s Autopsy Report Shows He Was Shot In The Chest While Handcuffed

Victor White’s autopsy was released earlier last week indicating that the original police report, which consisted of White shooting himself in the back, could not be true. The autopsy reports that White was shot in the chest.

Victor White was shot in the back of Louisiana’s New Iberia Sheriff’s police car in the early morning on March 2. White was arrested on a narcotics charge, but police say that White was refusing to cooperate and would not leave the car. He then pulled a handgun and fired one round into his back. The 22-year-old was pronounced dead later that day in the hospital. The police report at the time indicated that White had shot himself with a handgun while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

“My son didn’t shoot himself. I never believed it. I won’t believe it,” said Victor White, Sr., the father Victor White. “I know they beat him before he arrived at the station,” he said, “because those who were with him before he was arrested said he didn’t have a mark on him.”

Now that the official autopsy has been released, Victor White’s father is furious. “Here is a family that, we are still grieving,” said White, Sr. “I’m angry the autopsy report took so long. I’m angry and frustrated with the fact that it’s still not over.” The autopsy also calls into question the validity of the original police report. How did Victor White manage to shoot himself in the chest if his hands were cuffed behind him? “My initial response was correct, that something was awry, and that something had gone wrong,” said White, Sr.


State police commented stating that the investigation is still open and evidence is still needed. The White family is seeking donations for an independent autopsy to be performed, which can definitely settle how Victor White was really killed. As of this report, the official cause of death is still a suicide. Police are also not speaking to the White family, leaving them in the dark as to what really happened.

The inconsistency of the autopsy and the original police report indicate the possibility of police brutality. This can be related to a previous report by The Inquisitr in which police abuse their power and threaten Al Jazeera journalists near Ferguson, yelling threats like “I’ll bust your head,” and using profane language.

The police in this nation need to be checked in order to prevent an abuse of power like in the possible case of Victor White and those in Ferguson.