Is The ‘Anti-Selfie’ The Latest Trend? New Photo App Says Yes

In 2013 many people tried to ring in the new year hoping that the word “selfie” would never be said again in reference to taking a picture of oneself. As we know, the term didn’t die in 2013 and has flourished into an interesting phrase behind a generation’s narcism. Now, according to an app that’s hitting the market, we may finally have an answer to banish our “selfies” forever.

According to Cool Hunting a new photography app called SLMMSK may kill the selfie trend and start an anti-selfie trend. Instead of enhancing photos with five million different photo filters, the images are distorted with either a double negative look, extra “noise” on the image, or you can put an emoji over it. Sure it’s a bit much in some cases, but at least it’s a new twist on the selfie.

The SLMMSK website advertises itself as “free antiselfie app” with a neat flash display of people either taping themselves or caught on a surveillance camera, which plays well on the voyeurism we have inherited due to the enhancement of technology. Using the idea behind “anonymous” its Facebook page features an image of the famous David with a black bar covering the sculpture’s eyes.

According to Cool Hunting:

“[The app] uses face recognition software and the phone’s front-facing camera to take an image and mask the subject’s identity in a variety of clever ways. With 10 edgy filter options, the app can drop a censor bar over users’ eyes, capture their photo in an array of CCTV-like granulation and even pop a smiley face right on someone’s head—in a way that’s more eerie than cute. All the while, affixing a timestamp.”

Here’s what the app looks like in action:

New anti selfie app from @glitcheapp #SLMMSK

— THE DIGI FAIRY (@thedigifairyz) August 16, 2014

#чтозаночь My antiselfie. Date: 23/08/2014 Time: 00:56:36:38 #slmmsk @slmmsk

— David Tsvizhba (@DavidTsvizhba) August 22, 2014

Here’s what some people are saying about the anti-selfie app:

This app is cute, I’m a fan #slmmsk got me feeling like

— RENTBOY+ (@SXYLK_) August 18, 2014

Are you into the new anti-selfie app?

[Image via SLMMSK Facebook page]