Yemen Government Forces Open Fire On Protesters, Kill 26 And Wound Dozens More

26 citizens are dead and countless others are wounded after Yemeni government forces opened fired on a crowd of more than 100,000 protestors.

Military forces opened fire with anti-aircraft guns and automatic weapons as protesters demanded the resignation of President Ali Abdullah.

The assault came as night fell and a power outage threw the area into darkness, allowing protesters to take control of a vital bridge where they stopped traffic and set up tents to hold their ground.

The protests were anything but peaceful with thousands of people attacking governmental buildings and setting fire to structures which they say were used by pro-government snipers and “thugs.”

More than 100,000 protesters amassed outside of the state radio building and various government offices over the last week, eventually marching towards the Presidential Palace at which point security forces threw tear gas canisters into the crowds and began firing.

During the attacks fire was witnessed from rooftops and from plainclothed Saleh supporters who used automatic rifles, swords and batons to attack protesters.


An opposition spokesman said of the attack:

“This peaceful protest was confronted by heavy weapons and anti-aircraft guns,”

In the meantime protesters say the attack against the current regime “will not stop and will not retreat” but will rather “intensify.”

Do you believe the current regime should step down? I see this governmental overthrow ending the same way it has for Moammar Gadhafi in Libya.